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Its practically summer and with summer, comes vacation! Of course I'm not ready and with the new bagging regulations at several airports how will I have enough room to pack everything I want to take and more importantly bring back everything I buy while I'm away!? Luggage is never big enough and with a 50lb limit that's like limiting me to two outfits- I unfortunately do not favor the microscopic latex, silks, and other 'hooker or submissive' wear that would afford me lots of space and put me no where near my weight limit.

I at least knew what I wanted to wear on the plane- kind of. I wanted to be VERY comfortable, but cute, but not look like I was trying to hard...after all it is only a plane ride and I don't have anyone to get off the plane and meet regardless I was wearing my Vintage Wear 'Fabulous Shades' because they hide all secrets and that is a godsend! Clothes. Oh, right. I have a million and one tank tops and I really don't need anymore but I can't help that when I see a cute one I quickly find a home for it in my inventory. The racerback of MichaMi's Glam tank was perfect- comfort and style and Milla is the queen of layers...I'm not so sure I have found a use for each one but I love that fact that there are options. The denim was an obvious choice...its classic and the highwaist adds that 'something'. Then my Verve pumps...I cannot get enough of them(which is why I probably got the fat pack) they can be worn casual or classy and the Lavender is perfect for this outfit of mostly dark hues and they made some room in my suitcase because they were going with me no matter what.

Vacation is great but I do not even have an idea as to the place I would like to visit. No time to think about it though! I've got to shop for wherever I'm going and I assume there will be flights going all around so I will just tell the desk clerk to put me on a flight, does not matter where to! To my surprise I was travelling, "Fierce Airlines"....

After checking in at the Costa Rica Sim International Airport I was ready to board my plane. BUT where am I going? I forgot to ask.


A special thank you to Staceluv Allen for being a 'fierce' desk clerk.


SKIN: MMSFairDIVA - Makeup2

HAIR:MMSHair - Kiera(Ginger)

EYES:Miriel - Blue Ice(Big)

NAILS:J's VividNail Pack - Black

LINGERE:Armidi Intimizzio - Sequin Laced Vixen Set(White)

SHOES:Maitreya - Verve Pump in Blue

TOP:MichaMi - GlamTank in DarkBrown

PANTS:GiGi Couture - High Waisted Denim Dark

SHOES:Maitreya - Verve Pump in Lavender Blush

SUNGLASSES:Vintage Wear - Tortoise Fabulous Shades(Black/Clear Lens)

NECKLACE:+ plus - Funky Necklace in Bronze

EARRINGS:Miam Miam Luxe - Quartz Crystal Chandelier Earrings

BRACELET:Decollage - Kabbalah Yarn[FREEBIE]

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