A vintage feeling...

Who does not love a good floral pring in spring?
They are probably more traditional than 'Spring Cleaning', was that supposed to happen already because I have not started. But during the Bunny Hop hunt, I came across this dress(#209) in the feeds and had to have it and it was so much more than I could have expected. A floral print yes, but it is somewhat washed out and that adds a vintage feel to it. So pleased! But anywho this was my look, very layerd and oh so vintage...haha!



skin. London Pale in makeup 7a, LeLutka
hair. River 2, Maitreya
eyes. Blue Ice(big), Miriel

tank top. T-Shirt tank in buff, ~*LaLa
shirt. Trend du Jour shirt in diviniti, Armidi
blazer. Preppy Navy Blazer, Royal Blue
skirt. Easter Dress, .::STUFF::.

hair accessory. Lady Things hair stuff, fashionably dead/lamb.
bracelet. Wood/Gold bangle mix, Like Seriously
belt. High Waisted belt, M*A*ii*K*I
shoes. Group Gift pumps in tawny, Maitreya


Draped Floral

The days of Stylista are far gone, but I will never forget the day I saw Anne Slowey creeping from behind massive doors seemingly teetering on a pair of stilettos. When I was putting thislook together I cannot remember what came first the hair or the outfit. But once it had all come together I could not shake the idea that I had seemingly created something reminiscent of the now-on-her-way-to-being-iconic Anne Slowey.


I cannot get enough of the Ivory/Beige trend for spring and this Drapery Dress from Aoharu certainly fulfills that niche. Not to mention that its just another amazing release from the stellar machang! So many options...a dress, tunic, top I am sure there are more just waiting to be found too.

For now, I am catching up  with my blogging - hopefully - so many outfits just waiting to be shared!


skin.London makeup6, LeLutka
hair.Pasadena (full flexi) in ginger, Armidi

top.Drapery Dress in ivory, Aoharu
skirt.Carmela skirt in black on nude, Micha Mi

ring.Emerald Eclipse, Like Seriously
bracelets.Leather Cuff, Like Seriously|Graffitti Bangle4 in modern gold, Like Seriously
belt.High-Waist belt in white, M*a*i*i*k*i(edited)
shoes.Foxy Slingback in black, Stiletto Moody


Life in the City

Okay, so first off I know that I am way, way, way overdue for a blog posting and I wish I had a decent reason but i've just been busy; so for that I am lame. But in other news, I wasn't sure why this outfit was so special to cut my self-imposed sabbatical short and after writing the title I thought, "Oh my gosh, The City!" 

But I know this is really nothing like anything anyone from 'The City' would wear, I mean come on. So with that, here you are.

P.S. I finally wore some part of that Suspender Set from <3>, and don't you love the Suede Peep Toe's from Polina Kaestner? Last but not least, why did no one ever tell me that Armidi has amazing ginger tones!? I am in love. But do I wait for new pro or settle for the current releases? Topped off with an amazing {flowey} pose!

hair. pasadena girl3 in ginger, armidi
skin. london makeup5 in light, lelutka

shirt. asymmetrical metallic top, cirque
skirt. suspenders set skirt in navy, <3>cardigan. carmela cardi in black, micha mi

necklace. topaz necklace, paper couture
ring. times square ring, paper couture
stockings. four stocking set in grey, thimbles
shoes. suede peep toe--kiss hunt gift, polina kaestner


Oh what a feeling....

This past week I was rather relaxed in RL and had a little extra time to focus on the all more inporant alternate life I am leading and it struck me....creativity! Which was a pleasant welcome because for the past few days I had felt a little blah; even about getting dressed, shopping didn't help much either. Several days in a row I found myself grabbing jeans and a t-shirt. That is all over now though.

Back to the creativity, I was totally sparked today and oddly enough was itching to...build? I'll take it! It all started with the Fedora - We Love Her that I picked up in the freebie section at Tesla. I had no idea they were there so when I found it I was so excited out of the box I wasn't feeling it, but I knew with a few clicks I could have my dream hat; if only I could find a decent one in RL. Voila! I haven't taken it off except to don the new Mini Hats from Aoharu at an impromptu dance party--they come in some really exciting animal prints and bright colors as well. So yesterday my friend decides she is going to make shoes and I let her have her way, but then practically demand that she make some for me; I have been on the search for an extra high heel for a while and go to SM wasn't enough--turns out I needed a mere six inches, not too much eh?

From the shoes I built my outfit; at the moment I cannot get enough skirts, they are just so fantastic and while I am a major fan of the high-waist I have even opt foedr a few regular waist skirts. Looking around for a skirt I stumbled upon an old favorite, Paper Couture's Sunset Feast--an instant yes! Keeping with my happy creative mood I topped this outfit off with the P-K Belted Blazer, it gives me a sort of 80s feel and I love it for that-- soo tempted to get a few more colors.

All this excitement has gotten me into writing a rather long post...



skin. London makeup5b in pale tone, LeLutka
hair. Loelle in ginger, Maitreya
eyes. Blue Ice(big), Miriel
lashes. Photoshoot2, LeLutka

blazer. Belted Blazer in blue, P-K
skirt. Sunset Feast skirt, Paper Couture

hat. Fedora We Love Her, Tesla[edited by me]
bracelet. Pyramid Bangle in blue leather, made by me[coming soon]
ring. Sculpture Ring in gold, made by me[coming soon]
shoes. Altitude in noir, Cirque--Defy Collection[coming soon]


Skin Is In.|Enea - Beauty Avatar Couture|

With the launch of the new skin collections at Beauty Avatar Couture, I knew I would have to try some. For too long I have been wavering from skin to skin after losing interest in my previous default. I love that the skin appears so soft and feminine without looking young. Being a fan of the light to nude lip, the fact that more than half of these skins off that option with variety is perfect for me! Oh and I know a lot of the Beauty Avatar skins had perfectly arched and plucked eyebrows, so I can appreciate the thicker brow in Enea, as its something I look at when choosing a skin. My only hang up with this was that the ears looked a bit too real in comparison with the rest of the skin, which was a bit distracting but not detracting. This skin provides a really soft beauty, if thats what you're looking for in your next skin. It also comes in a Natural Skin tone, which is just a bit more tan but offers the same makeups. 


Fashion is my Religion...

Have you ever been to Paper Couture, well this post is not about it...

But just a few shops down you'll find a store thats relatively new to me, and I really wonder how I didn't know about it before. I'm so happy now though, my SLife is nearer to nirvana! My first time inside I was just so excited, lots of skirts! I have been on the search for more and more prim skirts, I'm not sure I can ever have enough. Anyhow there are lots of skirts and dresses and they generally come in some exciting feminie prints, like this skirt from the Liv set a lovely floral print. WAIT. There is more, but I cannot decide if I should tell you all about it right now...

After visiting I thought; maybe I missed the explosion of, wait for it...Church of Luxe! With the holidays though I did not get a chance to look through the feeds too much, and after the new year began a lot of people were blogging Lo Jacobs' cat and mouse outfit.

Back to the clothes. I was so excited when Lo sent me this in the review pack, it was one of the items I wanted but had not gotten, but now I'm convinced I must get the rest of the floral skirts. Creating an outfit around this skirt was a little more difficult than expected though, partly because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do; I am happy with the final outcome though. For fear that I have typed too much already, I'll leave you with the credits and notice of more to come....



skin. Maicia in Natural tone, Beauty Avatar Couture
eyes. Blue Ice(big), Miriel
hair. Ballerina Bun(no pin), LeLutka

blouse. Italia in creme, Armidi(edit--made ruffles a little larger)
cardigan. Low V Cardigan in pumpkin, Little Rebel(edit--shortened sleeves and darkened color) 
skirt. Liv skirt in Wheat, Church of Luxe

hat. French Beret in bombazine, MG Fashion
earrings. Teardrop Earrings in dark slate grey, Artilleri
gloves. Riding Gloves in teal, Savvy?
socks. Slouch Socks in softs 3, Maitreya
shoes. Mishima Dawn in Bistre, Maitreya


Long distance loves....

This outfit started because I am in love with the Micha Mi Carmela bustier and when Milla sent them out in red and green as a holiday gift I was so excited. She knows her customers well! If you read her blog then you know all about her, but if by chance you haven't gotten to her store--get to it! She has amazing racerback tanks, in a gorgeous brown, and lots of great complete outfits. I knew wearing a bustier though in such blistering cold weather I should throw something else on; browsing my inventory though I saw the Armidi Gisaci Pleated Neck babydoll and before attaching I said to myself, " I think this is going to work, way to go Milla for making your red just a falu in color," and what do you know? Perfect match! 

My other long distance love that I have not had a chance to wear yet were these leather Richelieux from Polina Kaestner creations, they were a group gift as well for the grand opening but at the store there are lots more and in a variety of colors. Plus in the sequin collection there is a beautiful dress--totally my new year's dress and this blazer, that I so need to pick up. Did I mention the prices at both places are stellar!? Well, they are.

The pants, the pants! These Kiki pants from  eLdee were a long time favorite of mine, I should go pick them up in a few more colors. These are a high-waisted trouser and stunning texture work by Lilyana Dryke. Though I'm personally not a fan of the extended system pant leg, that does not detract from the beauty of these pants, however I decided to shorten them just a bit to make them look like a sleek tailored pant and voila!

Oh and the Soon scarf  from Thimbles? Well its just too fun!


skin. Enea Makeup 7, Beauty Avatar
hair. Keira in ginger, LeLutka

top. Carmela in red, Micha Mi & Pleated Neck babydoll prim in falu, Armidi
pants. Kiki #6, eLdee (comes with shirt and scarf)

scarf. Soon, Thimbles (group gift)
bracelet. Thick Metal bangles, VG Rep
shoes. Leather Richelieux in red, P-K (group gift)