Did I leave the house in pants?

In-world I often get the urge to just be the LA girl I am at heart. Not that I'm a notorious leggings and men's t-shirt wearer...actually I can't recall that I've ever done that. Im not against it though- not entirely. I will be the first to admit that I'm am over getting dressed.. it takes way too much effort and time, this ideal certainly explains why I have so many tank tops in my inventory- they even have a dedicated folder, and it takes a lot for me not splurge on them...I couldn't resist the fat pack of T-shirt Tanks from ~*LaLa.my next purchase will definitely be the fat pack of VG Republic tanks(so many colors its heaven!) With all the energy and time I'm saving I could be putting into my art, although that doesn't happen either I somehow find my time is spent in-world....

Basically this is and ode to my RL fashion choices. A few weeks ago I purchased the blue leather jacket from !_Ce_cubic effect and haven't had the opportunity to wear it; which is a bummer because I love it! I have it in black as well and the texturing and sculptie work are m'azin...

To complete the look I of course had to throw on some slouch boots, no Angelian's wardrobe is complete without them. Here I opted for J's Loosefit Boots(there is also an option for no buckle) because just look at them...they are the next best thing to either flat slouchy or riding boots, which I have yet to find in-world- I have only come close.

I know what you're thinking, "WHERE ARE HER PANTS?" No need to shout, but as long as I have had them there has been an internal debate- are they or aren't they? The Mimikri Zoe pants, have pants right in the name so they have to be pants right? Not so Lohan though, because I know better and as tempting as it is to not wear pants I can't do it.


Hair : MMS- Kiera

Manicure : J's- Vivid Pack in Black

Sunglasses : VW- Tortoise Fabulous Shades w/ Black&Clear Lens

Jacket : !_Ce_cubic effect- Short Leather Jacket in Blue

Tank top : ~*LaLa- T-Shirt Tank in Ash

Undershirt : G.L.A.M.- Bustier in Crimson (Bustier Pencil dress)

Pants : Mimikri- Zoe Pants in Black

Poses : Stella's **Fashion Model Works**- Super Hot 18, Super Hot 002

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Anonymous said...

I have those pants too, and love 'em! They are so easy to adapt to whatever style mood you are in! Thanx for reminding me about them and giving me the urge to dig thru the 'ole inventory! (and change my smelly clothes!)