A Lindens® Worth

If you've ever been a newbie in-world, and the answer is obvious. Perhaps you've been a little overwhelmed by all the beautiful things and even wondered, "how am I supposed to get that, it cost more that L$0!" I know that in my humble beginings I was not so sure that I would last very long and chose not to invest any of my own money into purchasing all the 'beautiful things'. So I resorted to the occasional camp, but I really could not stand it; in a world of so many possibilities, being restricted to one area for so long was dire!

I realized, I would have to get a job because although a few random men have come in and out of my so-called life and given me things and money... blame it on the newb-status? Regardless I thought to myself, "hey Channen, do something with your life- get a job!" So forever and ever I searched, wasn't I pretty enough? Somehow I had managed a few skins and hairs into my inventory, and in case you didn't guess- I put payment info on file.

Long story short, because as intersting as me not having a job and really wanting one is something tells me you may not be so interested; I'm probably wrong though. I searched and then I was over it and decided to start modeling but still wasn't making as much money as I was spending and now all of a sudden I have two jobs. What is that? I like.
So if you're ever bored stop by Stella Furkel, Fashion Model Works- a new shop full of fantastic animated and static modeling poses. But if you're not a model you can come to, I would. I have also been appointed as a stylist at Tres Tres Chic Styling, I have fahion sense. I do, I do!
SKIN: MMS - Fair Diva Makeup1
LASHES: MMS - Photoshoot Lashes
HAIR: MMS - Keira in Ginger
EYES: Miriel - Blue Ice(Big)
Manicure - J's Natural Nail French-tip 2
DRESS: G.L.A.M. Bustier Pencil Dress in Grey
TOP: G.L.A.M. White Chiffon Babydoll(dress prim included but not worn)
BELT: Armidi Gisaci -Au Di Crocodile Belt in Black
NECKLACE: Zaara Indian Couture - Kaya Necklace+black silver in Coral
SHOES: Stiletto Moody - [Naughty Word] Bootie

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