Waiting for the autumn winds to blow...

I know that summer is a time to be sexy and flitatious, but I'm kind of over it already. I'm not a fan of being hot and I rather like being pale and lets face it wearing a big sunhat is a bit impractical in some places although I'm not afraid to try and make it work. So I was sitting at home dreaming of the many months away, when summer will end and autumn begins...ahh sweet poetry!

Tally ho! Back to the clothes. So I have J's Vintage Short Boots and I love them I really do; it was not until today though that every outfit I came up with (please note that I hated and undressed from them, all but once) made me feel like I was going on safari; frankly safaris remind me of summer, which reminds me of being hot, which reminds me of not being pale, I'll pass. SO what goes with these fabulous 'short' boots? I'll tell you Slouchy Socks and Burlap Tights....DUH!

What makes me happiest about this outfit is that its so layers and its not like hidden layers either...you can see everything its so exciting. I was always tortured because I wasn't quite sure how or if I would ever be able to create a decent layered look in SL and I've made some I've been proud of so yippie. Well thats it, I mean what do you want from me? Here are your precious credits.....

outfit credits:
MMS - FairDivaMakeup7
eyes: Miriel -Blue Ice(big)
hair: MMS -Keira in Ginger
shirt: Blaze -Shirt Dress(old freebie)
skirt: Artilerri -High-Waisted Mini Skirt in Yellow
tights: Veschi -Burlap Tights(tintable) in Green
socks: Maitreya -Slouch Socks in Orange
shoes: J's -Vintage Short Boots
necklace: Pixel Dolls -Stone Pendant in Jade, VG Republic Metal & Resin necklace in Chocolate(color change)
bracelet: Wood & Pearls
belt: M*A*ii*K*I -High-Waisted Belt


Candy Lemmon said...
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Candy Lemmon said...

I can't believe there are no comments for this. You look friggin' fantastic!