Do you ever find some amazing pieces in your inventory that make an outfit you never want to take off? I find this happening to me--not so much because I never want to take it off [and make sure everyone on the grid sees me in it] but more so because I feel the need to blog such outfits; and while I do enjoy writing a daily entry, the time is hard to come by... oh I wish I had the tenacity of Uma Caewlin.

So about the look, and not my lack of blogs--not for a lack of desire. Is anyone else in love with plaid, check, and gingham at the moment? I cannot get enough. But sadly I do not have as much as I would like in my inventory. Which brings me to another point, I really should do some season shopping, I promise you I have not bought anything except a pair of shoes and the occasional demo. GASP--doesn't even need an exclamation. The only thing is that fall & winter are definitely my favorite seasons and once I start I won't stop I'll just keep going and going and going and then forget about the stuff I bought 10 minutes ago after buying something else...sigh.

But yes I love this shirt from Thimbles, this a go-to location for button down/ups, which is correct? I've had it since last year and adore it. But pairing this 'masculine' top with a skirt I thought would be a nice play on opposites, apart from a few RL mister skirts it is generally a womens’ staple. I could go on but really do you want to read more of my 'stream of consciousness'?

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