AU New!

I recently had the pleasure of attending the premiere runway show for Jare Capalini's Fall/Winter '08 Au V collection, and I was quite impressed. Over the past few months I've had the pleasre of seeing this collection come together and seeing it all together was amazing. 

Watching the show I got the impression that the major inspirations were volumes, a pale color palatte, and I also noticed a little New England stylings in the pant suits. Jare was kind enough to take the time and photograph me in some of his newest styles; so the photos are really authentic to the brand.

Also don't forget or miss out on the opportunity to get the Fall '08 gift, an interesting pair of heels and statement socks!



(in order of photos)

The Other Pauper:
Hair: Aveda, Short Cropped #2


Draped Canvas:
Hair: Kin, Yohkoh

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