Blame it on my mother?

In the grand scheme of things, I think its safe to say, "blame it on my mother," if we do something wrong. But then again, its probably not...especially when I know I shouldn't. I really wanted to stand up in the couch though. That is all, a short post and an outfit of bold colors--that I know because my mother let me play with crayons.

skin. MMS, Gift Skin
hair. ::69::, Still in Redishbrown
eyes. Miriel, Blue Ice (big)
nails. J's, Vivid Nails in Blue

top. Micha Mi, Bustier in Black from Carmella
skirt. Armidi, Fleur Skirn in Divinity

scarf. Emery, Scarf Plaid in Oz
ring. Gbberish, Rose Ring
socks. Aoharu, Rhinestone Socks in Yellow
shoes. Maitreya, Group Gift Pumps in Turquoise


Anonymous said...

When you look that good I'm prety sure you can jump on whatever you like ;)

Oh, and thank your mom for letting you play with all of those brightly coloured crayons. It paid off!

Channen GossipGirl said...

I suppose I am pretty lucky, no one told me to get down...but that could have been because I was alone?

I will thank her, I'm sure she's mighty proud.