Sheer...Catch it?

With the release of the Fall/Winter Cachet collection, there was much fanfare. That paired with the undeniable quality of every item from skin to clothing who could resist? You could try all you want, but relinquish your Lindens you will! In the spring collection we saw the Alexa pants, devilishly wide, super long and amazingly textured. How could Thora not give us another great pair of pants? In my SLife, I have recently gone a search for a great trouser and my search has most likely ended...but more about that later!

The other garments for this look are the Anticipation top, a long time favorite of mine that I wanted to use to make something a bit more classic; which is where the title comes in. It is a bit 'sheer....cachet(catch it)?' granted I know that Cachet and catch it sound nothing alike, they do look similar!

Well thats all I have.....

skin: Halloween Skin 4, MMS
eyes: Blue Ice (big), Miriel
hair: DJ Hair in Red, MMS Hair
nails: French 04, J's

top: Anticipation(outfit), Pixel Dolls
bottoms: Wool Pants, Cachet

earrings: Graduated Diamond Set, Caroline's
scarf: Yfke in Burgundy, maeva
necklace: , Diamonde for Cachet
ring: Times Square Ring in Kyanite, Paper Couture
belt: S. Olbers Thin Belt, Mimikri Hot Couture
shoes: Priscilla Platforms, Tesla

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