Life's a Blaze...

I found myself on the hunt for THE 'skinny belt' and my I just say, it has not been an easy task. For a while I had given up on my fashion dream after only being able to find skinny belts on the jacket layer. Normally a girl would be thrilled by the chance to use layers, but when you have this great jacket and a top and want to top it all off with a skinny belt, a la DVF perse' there are not enought layers in the land. My last hope was the Fashion Emergency group...and after a few attempts and no repsonses, the wonderment that is Maryia Nesiote replied with the store name I would not have expected but was elated to hear....

For this look I wanted something versatile and fun.
Channen --xx

skin. MMS, Gift Skin
hair. Maitreya, Emma
eyes. Miriel, Blue Ice (Big)

jacket. [S], jacket_black
shirt. Armidi, Basic Deep V
pants. Armidi, Kogo Skinny Pants

belt. Mimikri, S. Olbers Belt
ring. Paper Couture, Kyanite Ring
shoes. Stiletto Moody, Foxy Slingbacks

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