Whats it all about?

Before anything else, I must say, " I love shopping!"

But sometimes I wonder, whats the point? Do all my SL friends really care what I wear? To be honest, I have no idea. Perhaps I'll ask. But then there are moments when I'm shopping and I find myself no longer taking it for granted. Apart from the Asians that are content creators, there's no illegal labor law practices; these are all pieces people have put their time and effort into and at that point I'm happy to shop. Since returning to SL I have created a shopping list, I was curious to see just how much I was spending...and it was mighty hefty! Sure I wish I wasn't spending as much but you know I really don't mind, in fact I'm quite pleased that there is so much available to all of us...I'm so thankful! haha...

About the clothes...the start of this outfit was the skirt, it is from the Aoharu Check Shirt Dress. Honestly I may have killed this trend on my blog alone, but I cannot get enough in either life and with so much plaid, check, tartagn, and gingham out there I will never stop! Okay, yes I will eventually. Regardless, I saw this dress and I had to have them all! When I was at Aoharu the first time, I PROMISE I did not see the fatpack vendor. Blame it on a slow rezz? I have no idea. I sent my darling friend machang a NC, after all I could not let her miss out on selling fatpacks, this was definitely a selfless act. She returned my message letting me know that was a vendor and also this as a gift. I love the belt/skirt attachment(there is also a seperate belt included for those that may be wondering), fantastic idea! So this is getting lengthy, who reads words? 
I also knew I wanted to wear beige knit tights and the Veschi Round and Aboutton pack is perfect for that, lots of patterns and tintable! And for tops, I wanted to keep it simple and light.

SKIN: MMS, Gift Skin
HAIR: MMS, Vanessa II
EYES: Miriel, Blue Ice(big)

HENLEY: Last Call, Jill-part of outfit
TANK: Micha Mi, GlamTank in White-tinted green
SKIRT: Aoharu, Check Shirt Dress in blue

GLASSES: Nylon Outfitters, Grandpa Glasses
NECKLACE: Swallowtail, Jupiter Long Necklace Pearl
BRACELET: VG Republic, Thick Metal Bangles
TIGHTS: Veschi, Heavy Knit Tights-Round and Aboutten pack
SHOES: J's, Short Vintage Boots


Candy Lemmon said...

I love this color palette on you!

This look is everything I love about redheads and autumn. And, way to rock the grandpa frames.

Channen GossipGirl said...

Thanks so much Candy!

Fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons, so I really enjoy layering and mixing colors. Gingers are taken for granted!