Turtles and Tubes

A fashionista's feat is not that she will have nothing to wear, but that she will not be able to wear everything she owns. That was the case with Aoharu's fantastic Triple Fringe Boots, I love them...the color, fringe, everything! So why couldn't I find an outfit to wear with them? I've owned them since they were released and was never able to find the perfect fit, even if I started with the boots. But today I find myself inspired to take photos and to actually blog so I start digging through folders and folders and folders. I'm determind to make these shoes work, even if only once. 

It all began with the shoes and belt, I knew these two pieces together would be magic. For this look I also really wanted to play up layers and with the Peace on Earth Hunt going on now...but mainly because of the greatness that is Flickr; I saw this new Tube dress from Pink Outfitters, after editing it to remove the straps I had struck gold. Everything else was easy.


HAIR: Maitreya, Loelle (ginger)
SKIN: MMS, Thanksgiving Gift Skin
EYES: Miriel, Blue Ice (Big)
NAILS: J's, French Nail Pack in style#4

SWEATER: Savvy Avvy, Green Turtle(freebie '07)
DRESS:Pink Outfitters, Tube Dress(freebie)

SCARF: Muism, Check Scarf long in yellow
BELT: M*A*ii*K*I, High Waisted Belt in white(edited)
BRACELETS: ***DP***&VG Rep, Basic Metal Bangles and Large Stripe Single
SOCKS: Paisley's, Paisley Sock(freebie, tinted green)
BOOTS: Aoharu, Triple Fringe Boots in camel

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