Life in the City

Okay, so first off I know that I am way, way, way overdue for a blog posting and I wish I had a decent reason but i've just been busy; so for that I am lame. But in other news, I wasn't sure why this outfit was so special to cut my self-imposed sabbatical short and after writing the title I thought, "Oh my gosh, The City!" 

But I know this is really nothing like anything anyone from 'The City' would wear, I mean come on. So with that, here you are.

P.S. I finally wore some part of that Suspender Set from <3>, and don't you love the Suede Peep Toe's from Polina Kaestner? Last but not least, why did no one ever tell me that Armidi has amazing ginger tones!? I am in love. But do I wait for new pro or settle for the current releases? Topped off with an amazing {flowey} pose!

hair. pasadena girl3 in ginger, armidi
skin. london makeup5 in light, lelutka

shirt. asymmetrical metallic top, cirque
skirt. suspenders set skirt in navy, <3>cardigan. carmela cardi in black, micha mi

necklace. topaz necklace, paper couture
ring. times square ring, paper couture
stockings. four stocking set in grey, thimbles
shoes. suede peep toe--kiss hunt gift, polina kaestner

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