Fashion is my Religion...

Have you ever been to Paper Couture, well this post is not about it...

But just a few shops down you'll find a store thats relatively new to me, and I really wonder how I didn't know about it before. I'm so happy now though, my SLife is nearer to nirvana! My first time inside I was just so excited, lots of skirts! I have been on the search for more and more prim skirts, I'm not sure I can ever have enough. Anyhow there are lots of skirts and dresses and they generally come in some exciting feminie prints, like this skirt from the Liv set a lovely floral print. WAIT. There is more, but I cannot decide if I should tell you all about it right now...

After visiting I thought; maybe I missed the explosion of, wait for it...Church of Luxe! With the holidays though I did not get a chance to look through the feeds too much, and after the new year began a lot of people were blogging Lo Jacobs' cat and mouse outfit.

Back to the clothes. I was so excited when Lo sent me this in the review pack, it was one of the items I wanted but had not gotten, but now I'm convinced I must get the rest of the floral skirts. Creating an outfit around this skirt was a little more difficult than expected though, partly because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do; I am happy with the final outcome though. For fear that I have typed too much already, I'll leave you with the credits and notice of more to come....



skin. Maicia in Natural tone, Beauty Avatar Couture
eyes. Blue Ice(big), Miriel
hair. Ballerina Bun(no pin), LeLutka

blouse. Italia in creme, Armidi(edit--made ruffles a little larger)
cardigan. Low V Cardigan in pumpkin, Little Rebel(edit--shortened sleeves and darkened color) 
skirt. Liv skirt in Wheat, Church of Luxe

hat. French Beret in bombazine, MG Fashion
earrings. Teardrop Earrings in dark slate grey, Artilleri
gloves. Riding Gloves in teal, Savvy?
socks. Slouch Socks in softs 3, Maitreya
shoes. Mishima Dawn in Bistre, Maitreya


Dahlia Eilde said...

Lo Jacobs = WIN!

Great post, Channen <3

Channen GossipGirl said...

Definite;t! I love her name..haha! She is my new mini skirt queen.

Thanks so much, Dahlia!