Skin Is In.|Enea - Beauty Avatar Couture|

With the launch of the new skin collections at Beauty Avatar Couture, I knew I would have to try some. For too long I have been wavering from skin to skin after losing interest in my previous default. I love that the skin appears so soft and feminine without looking young. Being a fan of the light to nude lip, the fact that more than half of these skins off that option with variety is perfect for me! Oh and I know a lot of the Beauty Avatar skins had perfectly arched and plucked eyebrows, so I can appreciate the thicker brow in Enea, as its something I look at when choosing a skin. My only hang up with this was that the ears looked a bit too real in comparison with the rest of the skin, which was a bit distracting but not detracting. This skin provides a really soft beauty, if thats what you're looking for in your next skin. It also comes in a Natural Skin tone, which is just a bit more tan but offers the same makeups. 

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